Essence of Beer


The Essence of Beer gives you the opportunity to create your own Eisbock at home. The intensity of your favourite beer can celebrate in a convivial gathering.


An Eisbock has always been something special. The Essence of Beer bring this event into the center of a social gathering. The beer in this special bottle has been transformed after a day into ice. After opening the bottle the essence of your beer drops out of it and that is an experience you can celebrate together. The taste of the Eisbock is very intensive, but the character of the base beer is conserved. Your home-made Eisbock is a worthy conclusion of a social and tasteful evening.

 You can hace the Essence in 3 sizes: A bottle with 0.75 liters, with 1.5 liters and 3 liters. With the small bottle you will get about 100-150 ml, with the larger ones correspondingly more.

You have to freeze the Essence-bottle upright, so you need between 20 and 30 cm hight.

For some impressions there are some pictures.


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